AboutUs2aThe Calgary Search and Rescue Association (CALSARA)

  • was founded in 1993.
  • is a registered charity.
  • is 100 percent volunteer run.
  • depends entirely on donations/grants to continue operations (tax receipts are issued.

Our Mandate

To assist local, provincial and federal agencies in ground search and rescue operations in all conditions and environments (urban, rural, back-country).

Our Mission

Combining skills and effort to aid in the search and rescue of people in distress.

CALSARA is committed to the preservation of life by:

  • Locating and rescuing lost persons
  • Recovering crucial evidence
  • Responding to civil emergencies
  • Providing outdoor safety education
  • Participating in ongoing training and preparedness


CALSARA assists authorities in ground search and rescue operations by providing support to the Calgary Police Service, RCMP, Calgary Fire Department, and other tasking agencies for missing persons, evidence searches and Civil Emergency Response.

CALSARA is equipped with a fully operational Mobile Command Post as well as several rescue and support vehicles. For special tasks, CALSARA has an operational Mountain Bike team.



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